Friday, December 22, 2006

A Little Holiday Encouragement

Scientists are still working hard to understand the most productive actions we can take to stave off Alzheimer's Disease. We don't have enough to go on, and some 4.5 million Alzheimer's patients are still well enough to submit to experiments in brain stimulation. (Alarming number, isn't it?)

One thing is showing up in study after study, and is easily worth adopting into daily use -- yep -- good old exercise. Fifteen minutes of walking, biking, even stretching, just three times a week, cuts the risk of dementia by at least a third. How can I capitalize an exclamation point? !!! One simple explanation for this benefit is increased circulation. This is a small investment with returns we already know about.

Now that we're in the thick of the holidays, how about one of those sweet little walks between rains with friends and family who've come to visit? It can give us more than a break from the snacks and sweets.

Hey -- it stopped raining -- I'm going to head out right now.


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