Saturday, December 23, 2006


The process I call "Activation" is based on aspects of brain chemistry which are most likely to produce dendrite growth. There are also things you can do which DE-activate brain growth, actually lowering brain activity and in effect putting your healthy, ready-to-fire neurons to sleep.

An obvious deactivation device showed up in today's paper as an advertising insert. Guess what it is. Right! Hey, you are really on today! That GPS device that is being sold actually replaces a powerful brain builder called NAVIGATING. When we use our brains to find an address, we employ many different areas of the brain. We call on areas related to memory, innovation, spatial skill, and creativity, to name a few.

Technology has given us so many powerful and positive things. Like being able to reach all of you with this blog, for example. However, let's pay attention to the healthy and life-enriching activities that may be replaced -- and soon lost -- by relying totally on devices such as the GPS.

Anyone seen my abacus?

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