Wednesday, December 13, 2006


My regular blog readers have an idea of what I mean by Activation. It's the aspect of your lifestyle that triggers your brain cells, dendrites in particular, to grow. The very positive outcome of this activity is the strong possibility of overcoming the effects of aging on the brain. As we age, brain chemicals decline. Still, our ability to grow dendrites is astonishing -- and with enough of these branches of our cells reaching through our gray matter, we can continue to learn, to grok, to integrate, and to participate fully in the cognitive world.

Consider these aspects of Activation:

1. Relationships -- new relationships in your community.
2. Reaching for understanding -- in relationships, in studying new concepts, in developing new skills.
3. Changing routines -- the brain thrives on newness!!
4. Dial in the challenge -- choosing activities that stress the brain, but not enough to trigger cortisol or adrenaline. Practice helps you feel the difference.
5. Love and Joy -- choose activities that make you feel connected, involved, warm and fuzzy.

Blissings to you all,

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