Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Inspiration in the Neural Net - What a Pleasure!

INSPIRATION. Think about it.

Diving into the neural net this morning, I realized the power in our urge to seek inspiration. Inspiration feeds the brain in so many ways, it is well worth surrounding yourself with inspiring books, quotes, colors, images, and sounds.

Serotonin, the pleasure chemical, is one likely side effect of being inspired. We are more capable of meeting the challenges of our lives in the presence of inspiration. A sense of purpose accompanies inspiration, along with higher self-esteem.

There are many ways to trigger inspiration. That book you return to so often, with its quotes or parables, is offering you a neural habit of inspiration-induced brain chemicals. Talk about win-win! You take something you already enjoy, and as it feeds you in the moment, your brain is being wired to repeat this with more ease and more connections each time you use it. Images of loved ones and loved places which trigger good memories can be part of your palette of inspiring input.

Listening to your special morning music, whatever it may be, can pave the way to a fully inspired moment. Think of it as the vehicle, waking you to your best expression of you. As you come into your day, give yourself these powerful stepping stones to the point of inspiration. You know when you are inspired -- you breathe deeply, and your mind sparkles in some recognizable way. The pesky negatives wired into thought fade into the background. Now your day is wide open. You are activated!

Suzanna Stinnett

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