Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Mood Stabilization and Improvement

As I continue to experiment with supplementation of available neurotransmitters, one that I find makes a consistent difference is alpha-lipoic acid.

ALA is also known as thioctic acid, and it is a powerful antioxidant as well as a cofactor in the body’s production of energy. It augments the actions of the hormone insulin, helping to keep the brain steadily supplied with glucose. In scientific studies, ALA has been shown to produce improvements in energy metabolism in the brain.

Alpha-lipoic acid is readily available at your health food store, and it is quite inexpensive. I take two 50 mg tablets every morning. Along with my women’s formula B-vitamin complex, fish oil, and CoQ10, ALA is one of my staples.

ALA shows no adverse side effects, and may make a noticeable difference in stabilizing and improving mood. The brain is an organ whose primary role is special “switching” and “signaling” operations, and requires that the neuronal membranes can properly regular excitability and osmolarity.

In later blogs, I will look into all the neurotransmitters which we are able to supplement.

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