Sunday, December 03, 2006

For Chris Thompson
I’d like to dedicate today’s blog to Chris Thompson and his family, who created an inspiring celebration of family and friends which I attended last night. Chris is a vibrant, life-loving and community-minded man who is currently doing battle with an aggressive brain tumor. I am glad to know Chris Thompson. As a woman who is healthy and strong eight years after cancer with a grim prognosis, I join everyone who knows Chris in cheering him on to beat the odds.

In a conversation shortly after his surgery, Chris told me he could not rule out the strong possibility that his tumor was caused by cell phone use, as the tumor formed in the exact spot where he has held his cell phone to his head for so many years. I have been reading the complex information about this issue, trying to understand why the results of studies are conflicting. I am still integrating what I have learned, and I’ll write a blog about it when I can articulate it clearly. For now, I think there is enough evidence of possible danger to warrant using an earpiece or Bluetooth. That is my recommendation, my friends.

CoQ10, Again
Brain health is supported in many ways. While I’m contemplating the occurrence of cancers, I want to remind myself and my readers to consider adding co-enzyme Q10 (CoQ10) to the daily regimen. This powerful substance supports many cellular processes. Studies have shown it to be very effective in reducing tumors. It also is a direct brain function support. I’ve written about it in other blogs, and you’re likely to see it again. You can read more about in the blog on November 26th, titled “Brain Supplement Overview.”

An active engagement in community may eclipse everything else in its power to protect health. I am still feeling the expansive warmth of friends and family last night at Chris Thompson’s party. It was fantastic to be in the same room with Chris, his many family members, and make new bonds with many acquaintances I now count as friends.

To expand community is to expand the mind.

Thank you, Chris!

In celebration of life and love,

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