Saturday, December 30, 2006

Brain Activation: First Skiing Lessons

Just to stand on the hillside in ski boots, on the skis, shifting weight from foot to foot is so strange and new, I do not have the kinesthetic signals to do it. I use my imagination, listen to the instructor, and say under my breath, "grow, dendrites, grow."

All the visuals are new, too. A huge white bowl, the lifts carrying skiiers and skis and poles and snowboards up to the top, trees along the ridge and the sky criss-crossed in contrails. I shift left, right, and my eyes take it in.

The little class of beginners is going down the hill now. "Single file," the instructor says, "follow me, do what I do!" I'm able now to travel along the angle of the slope, control my speed, snowplow. I'm learning a new language along with all the kinesthetic information.

Ski patrol zooms down to help a troubled skiier sprawled in the snow. I see the red jacket, as he finishes up and takes off again, the first-aid cross on the back. I sense I am cataloguing the elements of my environment.

Tomorrow, evidence of brain growth is expected. I'll be able to turn, and can spend some time doing something easier than getting up out of the snow, my legs pinned in a pretzel of skiis. I'm banking on that dendrite growth, and I'll take a little extra CoQ10 and Vitamin C to help it along.

Tonight, rub sore muscles, drink water, eat good food, laugh with my new friends, watch the fire. Regeneration.

Taking on new, challenging, and complex activities after 50 is pure Activation.

2007 is upon us. Have you considered what joyful Activation you might engage in the coming year?

Blessings to you,

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