Monday, November 27, 2006

Who's Doing The Whispering?

Brain Whisperers include folks from many aspects of brain health, such as researchers and scientists, physicians and other health professionals, authors, educators, and the media.

Here at The Brain Whisperers I will be reviewing relevant books, products such as supplements and brain boosting exercises, and providing an online location for you to get the information you need in your own pursuit of brain health throughout the years.

On the agenda are reviews of Dr. Brizendine's new book, "The Female Brain," Dr. Singh Khalsa's book "Brain Longevity," Dr. Katz's book "Keep Your Brain Alive," and others. Is there a book you'd like to see reviewed? Feel free to email me with your questions and concerns at

I will also be providing information about how to "activate." This is my term for a group of lifestyle choices designed to strengthen and empower your brain so that you have access to all that your miraculous brain can provide. This includes a fantastic memory, lots of feel-good brain chemicals, and a sharp mind which truly reflects the years of learning and life experience you have accumulated.

Those of us in the second half of life, as it is sometimes called, have a special gift for the culture. We have our unique path and the experiences it brought us, to integrate into the ongoing innovation of our culture. I would like to provide you wtih the tools to utilize the entire gift of that magnificent organ between your ears!

Let me know if there are topics you would like to see covered.

Be well, in Joy and blessings,
Suzanna Stinnett

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