Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Discovery. Reaching. The "aha" moment. Listening for understanding. Working out the puzzle. Inclusivity. Surrendering. Saying "I know I can." Commitment. Expansion.

These are a few concepts which, in action, are special stimulants for the brain. They produce dendrite growth.

Dendrite growth. No, it's not something to see your dentist about. It's the body's miraculous way of developing greater and greater cognitive capacities.

With enough dendrite growth, one may age decade after decade, becoming more lucid, more aware, more joyful, and more intelligent. This is how we are made.

You get to choose your future. The brain responds.

Come experience your world, from the inside out. The Brain Whisperers bring you discovery. Here on the blog you will find ongoing previews, interviews and reviews of current science, educators, and products to explore for your own journey into deep brain. I am here for your questions, discussion, and our mutual growth. What we already know is profoundly exciting. What will we discover together?

Welcome in.

In love, light, and laughter,

Suzanna Stinnett
Railroad Square

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